Micronclean SERVICES

ESD Process

esd.gif During the ESD treatment process safeguarding the quality and life time of the ESD safe garments is the essence while the removal of dust particles and the elimination of micro organisms are less important.

This treatment process, specially developed by Micronclean, treats the garments in a gentle manner to prevent the conductive fibres to get damaged or broken. This process also provides the garments with a special antistatic finish to improve the conduction of static electricity and allow the garments to charge less quickly.
Before delivery of the garments Micronclean checks the garments on ESD safety. During each treatment we randomly check ESD safety by means of specific testing.

The importance of a special ESD treatment process is:

  • Prevention of damage to special materials
  • Maintenance of the long-term conductive quality
  • Monitoring of ESD safety during the life time of the garments.