MicronSwep system

The solution

However – thanks to the new and unique MicronSwep system – cost-effective, high-quality, ergonomic and eco-conscious cleanroom cleaning is made possible. MicronSwep is a modern damp cleaning system for floors, walls and ceilings in cleanrooms and controlled environments. It is unique thanks to its use of reusable, non-linting micro-fibre mops, which can be leased from and decontaminated by the exclusive service partner in your country. The system is most effective when all elements – products, service, cleaning method and training – are fully introduced.


The reusable mop has been especially designed for use in controlled environments, is made of 100% polyester micro-fibre and can be repeatedly decontaminated and/or sterilised (autoclave, radiation or ETO). The use of micro-fibres ensures that particles are not only removed from the cleaned surface but are also firmly captured by the mop. The material and the construction of the mop reduce the friction to a minimum, thus facilitating cleaning while maintaining the best effectiveness. The extremely thin micro-fibres remove contamination at micron level, ensuring very high cleaning performance with little effort. All hardware is produced to limit possible contamination and can also be sterilised when needed.


The experienced cleanroom service provider in your country has a variety of processes at its disposal for decontaminating the mops after each use. Continuously monitored ISO class 5 or ISO class 8 particle-removal processes or traditional sterilisation methods like autoclaving or gamma radiation ensure that the cleaning operative receives mops ready for use time after time at the appropriate level of cleanliness, be it aseptic or sterile.


Proper staff training is essential for the efficient use of any cleaning system, no matter how user-friendly it is. A special MicronSwep training programme for cleanroom cleaning operatives has been developed, to ensure optimal benefit of its high-quality mops and other cleaning materials.

The MicronSwep CleanRoom mop

  • Excellent mechanical cleaning performance
  • For floors, walls and ceilings
  • Resistant to heat and chemicals
  • Suitable for sterilisation (autoclave or radiation)
  • Complies for both ISO class 5 and GMP A+B requirements
  • Made of 100% PES micro-fibre
  • Available in dimensions 35 or 50 cm

The MicronSwep CleanRoom wipe

  • Removes contamination at micron level
  • Complies for both ISO class 4 and GMP A requirements
  • Suitable for sterilisation (autoclave or radiation)
  • Composition 70% PES and 30% PA
  • Pre-impregnation: no water in cleanroom
  • No cross-contamination, thanks to folding method