MicronSwep system

Total cleaning system for controlled environments

The MicronSwep system in short…

The MicronSwep system is a total cleaning solution for controlled environments in accordance with the relevant ISO or GMP standards. This modern, easy-to-use system offers high-quality reusable products, associated services, efficient cleaning and impregnation methods and comprehensive training and advisory support. Cost-effective, professional cleaning is within your reach!



  • Mops made of durable 100% PES micro-fibre material
  • Validated cleaning process
  • Prevents cross contamination during cleaning
  • No water or cleaning liquid in cleanroom


  • Mops are pre-impregnated, no need to change buckets
  • Logistic service organised for you
  • Full training programme for cleaning operatives


  • One-step cleaning
  • Low friction, fast, lightweight system


  • Reusable mops with high durability
  • Lower consumption of water and cleaning chemicals


  • Total system with proven ergonomic features
  • No wringing or bending needed


  • Total service
  • One-step cleaning procedure
  • Reduced consumption of water and chemicals