MicronSwep system

Cleaning method

Thanks to the materials used for the mops and the pretreatment given to them, the cleaning can be reduced to a one-step procedure offering excellent particle removal and microbiologically sound results.

  • Before entering the cleanroom, the number of mops needed for the surface to be treated (up to 25 m2 per mop) is impregnated with the cleaning liquid (max. 200 ml per mop). This avoids the need to take buckets with cleaning solution and/or water into the cleanroom or to rinse out and wring the mops.
  • Once in the cleanroom, the mop is easily pulled on to the flexible frame with telescopic handle, using the finger loop to avoid contamination of the mop.
  • By sweeping in an S-movement making sure that the mop is moved in one direction only, contamination is removed from the surface. Since the mops need only to be damp to obtain a good cleaning result, there is no need for separate drying.
  • The MicronSwep system is not only recommended for floors but also for walls and ceilings.
  • Make sure to use a clean mop for each area of maximum 25 m2.
  • Once you are finished with a mop, simply remove it from its frame and put it in the bag or box for contaminated mops.
  • After cleaning make sure the soiled mops go to the service provider who will ensure the decontamination. This procedure excludes all risks of cross-contamination.
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